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  • Radon CE Training - Thursday, September 15, 2016

    This day of continuing education training will be conducted by Engineering Extension at Kansas State University on September 15, 2016 prior to the Great Plains ASHI Chapter Annual Fall Seminar September 16-17, 2016, at the KCI Expo Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Serves all KS and NRPP Radon Certification requirements.  For content questions call Bruce Snead at 785-532-4992, bsnead@ksu.edu.



    KCI Expo Center
    11730 NW Ambassador Dr.
    Kansas City, MO 64153

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    Developing Your Radon Business        

    8-12 noon                                                                           $75

    4 Credit Hours NRPP and KDHE

    All companies with multiple employees face two basic issues: 1)   employee recruitment and hiring processes and 2) employee evaluation and retention processes. We will review current best practices regarding 1) modern tools for employee selection and 2) modern tools for performing effective employee appraisals.  Time will be included during the hiring process discussion for the class to provide real-life experience (both good and bad) in terms of employee hiring.  A sample radon-specific employee appraisal model will be provided during the appraisal section, one each for measurement employees and mitigation employees.

    Companies that do not market do not secure new jobs. This course will review current trends in marketing, touching with some weight on all of the following; 1) personal selling, 2) public relations, 3) sales promotion, 4) direct marketing, and 5) advertising. Special attention will be paid to digital marketing environments, both paid and un-paid, and how digital marketing can provide greater reach for your business messaging. Examples of in-the-world digital marketing efforts by current radon businesses will be discussed for both the good and the bad.

    Presenter: Brian Hanson, MURC- KSU


    QA/QC for the Measurement & Mitigation Professional

    1-5 pm                                                                              $75

    4 Credit Hours NRPP and KDHE

    This course will help you either develop or improve radon measurement and/or mitigation quality assurance plans (QAP). QAPs are essential elements for customer service and liability protection, and are a necessary component of NRPP certification and compliance with many licensing states. This course draws from existing state requirements as well as AARST resources and ANSI Standards guidance. If you do not have a QAP, you will walk out of this session with a solid beginning plan and a clear direction. If you have a QAP, you will gain new components to strengthen your plan.

    Instructors: Bruce Snead, MURC-KSU


    Both courses combined $150 Lunch is on your own.


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